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“She's The One.

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Tyler Tisdale’s roots may be deep in the heart of the south, but the geographical area in which the wildly-talented singer/songwriter calls home hardly defines him as a performer.

After spending the last several years fronting Midnight Revel, a five-piece power jam band whose 2018 genre-bending album was named “Album of the Year’ by Signature Magazine, Tisdale has returned to his roots with an acoustic guitar in hand and a new solo effort that is catching waves throughout the region.

“I enjoyed my time navigating that jam band world, but I always felt something was missing,” he said. “Writing songs has always been very personal to me and I feel like my newest work really captures how much I enjoy making music. Finding your voice is one of the most important things a songwriter can strive for and I feel like I have finally done it.”

Although Tisdale’s powerful, but precise voice long ago earned him the reputation of having one of the biggest voices in the South, his new songs are creating a buzz all over again.

“Picking up an acoustic guitar and spilling your guts out to a room of people is what first drew me to writing songs and I’m proud to have found my way back home.”

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